The study ofbeverage packaging recycling rateand cost in Vietnam

July 12, 2023

Eunomia Research & Consulting, an UK Independent consultant expertise in environment share their study on recycling rate of beverage packaging in Vietnam during the webinar on 9th June. Please find the key highlight as follow:

  • Overall waste collection rates in Vietnam range from 40% to 85%, differing between rural and urban areas
  • Most of the recycling of municipal waste in Vietnam is undertaken by the informal sector
  • Aluminum can has the highest recycling rate at 77% while PET, Multi-layer carton box and glass has 45%, 4% and 14% respectively
  • Alumnium can has the highest value hence it has high Recycling Rate. Glass bottles and cartons have a lower value, thus low Recycling Rate
  • The informal sector recycling costs were used to determine net and gross recycling costs across Vietnam. Four main areas of costs that were identified are Informal sector worker costs, Collection costs, Sorting Facility Costs and Transport costs
  • Higher Recycling Rate Targets will drive higher average costs and higher total cost of recycling. Depending on what new collection methods or approaches need to be set in place, alongside the costs of the EPR scheme management.
  • When setting EPR fees, need to consider
    • Setting a granular fee structure to reflect differences in net recycling costs
    • Modulating fees explicitly to discourage use of disruptive materials

Source: The study of beverage packaging recycling rate and cost in Vietnam

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