"can to can" Recycling Program Achievement

Number of recycled
aluminium cans

Reduction of CO2 emission

Energy save from recycling

Number of days it takes
to recycle used beverage can


Every Can that gets collected,  we ensure that 100% of them will be recycled to in to the new can. As the it can be recycled 100% AND no Loss in quality, NOT just one time but a LIFETIME.
You can be a part of the program by click here CAN to CAN – Tái chế không giới hạn

Can to Can
recycles forever

Can to Can project aims to collect the used beverage can (UBC) and recycle them into the new can, whereby our partner will collect 620 tons of UBC (equivalent to 50 millions can) in HCMC, majority it will be carried out at the restaurant, hotel, etc.

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